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If we were at a farmer’s market, and you wanted to taste what I have, I could offer you a slice of apple to let you know what you were getting into.

Since we’re online, I can’t hand it to you, but I can offer you this slice of my energy work to sample– my audio, “Inspiring Action.” It’s a way to get motivated without using coffee or pushing yourself. When Easter A. used it, she commented that she was able to get a bunch of stuff done – more than she’d expected – without that grinding feeling of “got to”. You can read the full text of what she said underneath the signup box in the sidebar.

When you sign up, you will get the audio, and newsletters from me about twice a month – at the full moon and at the dark of the moon. I write because I have insights about things that make life easier, or richer, or more revealing. My newsletters are focused on opening gateways to new perspectives, and new possibilities, possibilities where before there was only the impossible. (A friend once said, “Sometimes when you talk, it’s like bombs going off in my head.” I took that as a compliment!)

I invite you to take a stroll through those gateways, and check out a new and more beautifully powerful landscape for your life. When you sign up, you’ll get a series of emails showing you ways you can use this audio to help your life be more about inspiration and less about beating yourself into action (or punishing yourself because you didn’t beat yourself into action). Really, inspiration is much more productive, and much more fun.

What you won’t get. Rest assured, you will NOT be bombarded with lots of chatty notes or great offers from my many “friends”. If I ever offer something of someone else’s, it will be because I’ve used it and found it to be outstanding. And I won’t do it often, because that doesn’t happen to me often.

I don’t share your information with anyone else. I really don’t like it when people do that to me – so why would I do that to you?  And you can unsubscribe any time you like.

So if what you’ve seen on this site looks appetizing, as if it might bring delightful flavor into your life, or feed some hunger in you, put your name and email in the box and try a slice. See how it tastes.


If you’d like a free .pdf telling you more about my energy audios, and how to use them, click here.

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