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 The kind of work I do will help you if any of these things is true for you…



  • you know there is more to life than endless struggle – even if you don’t know how to find it
  • you are a lifelong learner, willing and wanting to open to new ways of being in the world
  • you have physical health problems that are getting in the way of what you’d like to do, and health professionals haven’t been able to help much
  • you have habits you can’t seem to control, even though you’ve tried a lot of things that seem to work for others
  • you have tried a lot of standard remedies for fears, grief, or emotional upsets, and they haven’t really filled the bill
  • your life is okay, maybe even better than okay, but it’s missing the magic and deep enjoyment
  • you know there is more to life than what mainstream culture tells you there is

Run your eye down this list of situations. Do any of these scenarios feel like you? If so, I can help.


Life feels like it’s a constant challenge. Yes, you can meet those challenges, and that gives you some satisfaction. But rising to the challenge is starting to seem a lot less exciting than it used to – more like something that just makes you tired. You dream of endless vacations, a new romance, suddenly coming into a lot of money – something that will make you feel the zest of living again.

You have a mysterious physical illness that nobody seems to know how to help. You keep trying different modalities – nutrition, supplements, physical therapies, acupuncture, and even more “alternative” things. Some of them help. But even though you may lose (or lessen) a symptom or two you don’t really feel healthy again. What’s going on? Is there a way to get your life back?

You just can’t seem to stop yourself from taking that cookie. Or work project. Or cool new toy. Or….It only feels good for a moment, and then you’re back to feeling overwhelmed, or guilty, or ashamed. So you go back for more. You’ve tried all kinds of therapy and advice, you may even pride yourself on your discipline in other areas – but you can’t seem to stop this habit. What’s that about?

The people you respect say that if you just do steps a, b, and c, you will stop feeling so sad, or upset, or anxious. It does seem to get better for a while, but then something throws you, and you’re back in the same place again. It feels hopeless. Discouraging. Do you just have to live with grief or anxiety or overwhelm for the rest of your life?


You are excellent at that thing in life you really care about – your profession, your art or craft, your volunteer work, your family. But somehow the thrill is gone. Over the years you’ve practiced disciplining yourself, by hard work and application, and now you can look at the accomplishment of the goals you once had. But somehow you thought that achieving exceptional skills would bring you more satisfaction. You may feel stuck. You may even find yourself acting in ways that are totally against how you’ve disciplined yourself to be, because something in you just seems to want to break out.

You’re a rebel, an iconoclast – you’ve sacrificed mainstream notions of comfort and earning power to promote a cause, to live a life that suits you. At first it was satisfying just being a maverick – but lately the life you’ve chosen doesn’t really fit you any more. Yet you still stand by the principles that helped you form your rebel life. Do you have to compromise your deepest values to move on?

You feel as if you were born in the wrong time, or the wrong place – that there’s something in you that just doesn’t jive with the way the world is. You loathe conflict, so you do your best to get along with the world, instead of fighting it. You feel numb. Sometimes it feels like hard work, just getting through the day – although the people around you may not notice it, because you take care to put on a smiling face, and be as kind and polite as possible.

There is a longing in you you can’t explain – not to your friends, not to your family, not even to yourself. You’ve tried therapy, exercise, travel, religion, spiritual practices, volunteering – all the things people say will give you the key to fulfillment, that will bring you what you so yearn for. And yet, while these things have changed you, even helped you, they still haven’t brought you what you’re yearning for.



If you’d like to see what my work has been able to do for other people, take a look at the “Testimonials” page.

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