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How Do I Get the Magic Back Into My Life?

You may feel as if you are facing a wall, a blank wall that stretches to infinity, with no further possibilities.  But there is a way to go beyond it, just as you sense there must be. If you decide to experiment with me, I will help you find and open that secret gateway through the wall with energy work of several types,  as well as my training in  nutrition, herbs, physiology, sound healing, color healing, frequency healing, shamanic healing, and other modalities. I draw from my library of knowledge and my many connections in the spirit worlds and use the combination that comes in  for your situation. But there is a structure behind what I do. Whether you have physical, emotional, or mental difficulties, here’s the key to the gateway into new possibilities, starting where you are now.


Calm your body down.
If our bodies aren’t working well, nothing in our lives can be at its best. If you are paying attention to what you eat and how you move, calming your body down will be a lot easier. Frequency healing can help calm your body in subtler ways – reach those places you know are painful, but you just can’t get to. The parts you may think are just going to be there forever.

Remember what you’re really looking for.
Sometimes you get so caught up in struggling for success, you may not realize that the success you started out looking for doesn’t fit you any more. When I was little, I dreamed of having a closet full of cookies, and being able to eat all I wanted. How well would that dream serve me now?

Find a new point of view.
The essence of what I wanted with that closet full of cookies was sweetness, delight, fulfillment – an infinite supply of it. When I understand that that’s what I really want, it opens up masses of new ways to get there. Ways that will actually work for me a lot better than having a closet full of cookies!

Find a new, more natural, way of being in the world.
Once you know the essence of what you really want, you can start infusing it into every part of your daily life. You make your choices from the new position of being in your own power. And that’s what changes your life.

Act from your new clarity.
When you act from centered clarity, life gets simpler, more fun, and more beautiful. You may find that things that used to be a lot of work have suddenly become smooth, easy, and well within your powers. And when other people see you living that way, they may be inspired to make their own changes and join you there.


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