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One of my first memories is getting messages from the shadowy swaying of a tall bush outside my window, while I was supposed to be taking a nap. I’ve always felt unseen realities behind what we commonly call reality, and wondered why other people didn’t. Eventually I realized that, while everyone is a healer, we get a sort of knockout drug when we’re born on earth, and most people forget pretty early on what we’re capable of. I’m one of the people who couldn’t do that, and I’m here to remind people of who they are, so we can solve some of the personal, social, and planetary problems that seem so unsolvable from a “normal” point of view. And learn to enjoy and share enjoyment in the life around us.

The healing abilities I have are all about helping us to remember how we humans interconnect in the natural world, that we’re actually a part of its circulatory system, and all of us are better off when we remember that. Sound fluffy or impractical? The side effects of that work have helped me heal from a neuro-immune illness that medical science says is “progressive and incurable”. And I’ve helped others with everything from painful injuries to being motivated to organize their houses to melting away that thing that kept them from being able to be comfortable and talk with people.

I’ve had many kinds of official and unofficial training in healing, which gives me a broad palette to draw from when I work. I have over 40 years experience of botany, plant spirit connection, and planetary relationships with plants, including a BA in literature and plant medicine. I have trained in nutrition, color healing, sound and music healing, magnetic healing, flower essences, quantum touch, Reiki, essential oils, shamanic and ceremonial work, and more.

My 28 years of living without electricity and running water has given me a relationship with the elements (and the natural world they create) that very few people in the industrial world have. And, on the flip side, my very analytical work as an indexer and book reviewer has refined my abilities to understand underlying themes and pick up subtle connections, abilities I use all the time in my healing work.

I’m very practical for a woo-woo healer. I like to give advice and “homework” in my classes and sessions, because I know it’s the small daily changes that bring about the most lasting results. I’ve been doing that for decades – starting from my early teens, I was curious about how I could help people heal, and as I learned, I wrote a column advising people on body/mind/spirit medicine. I spent seven years recommending herbs, supplements, and nutrition to customers in a health food store. (The most unusual advice I ever gave was to someone who needed to get rid of a poltergeist. It worked.)

And yet I also understand that the root of all difficulties, from health to emotions, from finances and career to politics – the root of all these difficulties goes deeper than practical advice, and needs to be handled in deeper and more subtle ways. Because – have you ever tried to change your life by willpower and action alone? I have. Doesn’t really work, does it?

My aim is to give you the support and knowledge you need to heal yourself and live a richer, more deeply enjoyable life. I don’t want you dependent on me; my ideal is to help you find your own power so that just the way you move in the world will heal those around you. I would love a world full of people like that.


If you’re interested in learning more about what I do, check out the How It Works page.

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