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Have You Hit a Wall?



Have you tried the conventional ways of having a good life? Have they worked for you? You know the story: keep pushing yourself, to get everything done, to move to the heights. That’s what so many things around you are telling you will lead to that magical moment, when your life is perfect. When you can be satisfied, and relax. But sometimes it feels like an endless struggle, where you keep winding up in the same place, with that same impenetrable wall in front of you. Why is it that it seems to be working for other people, but not for you?

It gets exhausting.  At the end of the day – and sometimes in the beginning of it – you may feel like collapsing – or running away. Sometimes that exhaustion takes you into a physical illness, often a chronic one that medical authorities don’t have any real answers for. (That’s what happened to me.) Sometimes there’s just an ongoing feeling of, “Is that all there is?”

Is there any space in your life for the real you? For the magic? For the beauty? For true fulfillment, and time to enjoy it? Maybe you think the real you has to wait until you’re retired, or win the lottery.

Actually, no, you don’t have to wait. At least not long. If you want your health, your life AND your work to be more powerful and more enjoyable, there are ways that can happen. Ways you weren’t taught in school, or by all those well-meaning people who’ve told you to just keep pushing.

I am here to help you open the gates to a more magical, more powerful, more beautiful and more satisfying life. The new ways I can help open for you may be unconventional – but if you’re here reading this, you’ve probably already tried the conventional paths to fulfillment, and they haven’t quite done it for you.


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